Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whales and Bling

So, this is the current conundrum going on in my home that was unbeknowst to me, but brought to my attention by my husband: I have lots of frames with nothing in them and lots of prints with no frames. Why is this? I have bought the prints and frames for specific rooms, however, they aren't necessarily meant for each other. This is the crazy way that my mind works...oh well.

Thus, the project I gave myself this week was to finally find art for those empty frames and buy frames for those pieces of art. Tomorrow, I plan on visiting IKEA to find some frames, I like their selection and they won't break the bank...check! Today, I found two prints that I absolutely love for the two frames on our photo wall that have been sitting empty for quite sometime. I've been admiring them for weeks and finally decided to make them mine.

I've always loved this piece by Nydampress. Every block that creates these wonderful prints is hand carved and original.

I've actually posted about this print before when I discovered the wonderful shop, The Shiny Squirrel. Along with the glasses print, this was one of my favorites.

I'm still on the hunt for a few more prints, but I'm so excited about these two! It's a great start so far!


Anonymous said...

Great whale print! Something like that would be so cute in my little boys new room re-do....