Monday, March 30, 2009

Kicking Myself

You know when you see something at a store and you really like it, but then your mind starts rambling off reasons why you shouldn't get it and you rationalize not buying it even though deep in the pit of your shopping psyche you know you should grab it? time passes by, you keep "seeing" that one said thing over and over again, and then you realize that you really did love it and should have gotten it when you had the chance?

Okay, maybe that just happens to me, but that's what happened to me with this chair that I spotted at the Salvation Army: I originally went there to hunt down a sideboard for our dining room. While browsing I found this chair in the corner. The wood was a little banged up, but nothing that a little paint couldn't fix. I sat in the chair and my rear end went right through the seat (no support underneath the cushion). The cushion looked easy to reupholster, in fact, I think the previous owner tried. All easy fixes...and then my brain started. I found a crack in the wood that extended cross wise down one of the arms, could I fix it? Is it a big deal? I don't know! And, where am I going to put it? What about my resolution to only by things if I know where it's going to go? Oh, heck, what about being spontaneous? Well, not in this economy young lady! Then I quickly rebutted with a "It's $15..." and my snarky half shut up.

Yeah...that's how I talk to myself.

I walked away telling myself that I made a good decision. Who knows if that arm would have cracked off? And where was I going to put it?

That day I went home and figured out a place...kick. Then as the last 2 weeks past, I've been seeing image after image of amazing accent chairs resembling my chair, like this one:

Knowing myself and my love odd, uniquely shaped chairs, why did I pass it up? Kick!
Darn it to the shopping gods! Kick!

I plan on stopping by this week. Maybe it's still tucked away in it's little corner waiting for me to come back? Not likely (kick), but I will hope!

Kick! Kick! Kick!


Aartee said...

ugggh I hate it when that happens! I hope you can find it...

C said...

haha you crack me up!! I know what you mean though, and I hope you find it!