Friday, September 25, 2009

On The Cheap

The New York Times posted the first in their series called "On the Cheap", a project that pairs everyday renters and homeowners who are having a bit of a decorating dilemma with amazing designers in the area. For the series, people are chosen simply by writing in and budgets are ranging anywhere from $300-$10,000. I'm so excited by this, especially since in New York City, most people are living in narrow, oddly shaped spaces...just like me! I absolutely love the first makeover the posted for the series. The apartment belongs to a Ms. Haines, living in an 850 sq. ft. space with $5,000 to spend on the makeover. They paired her with designer, Mary Chan from Studio Bartleby, who ransacked everything from flea markets to my beloved IKEA for the apartment.
I absolutely love the window treatments! The simple, knotted panels are just so pretty and unexpected. The leather chair you see there used to belong to a famous novelist and was a major Craigslist find. Thanks to the awesome Expedit bookcase, she finally had privacy in her own bedroom. I love all of the little details all over the apartment, exactly what I would picture the apartment of a young career woman in NYC to look like. To read the article, click here, and to see more pictures, play around with the cool interactive feature!