Friday, October 16, 2009

Belle's Brows

Lady Belle currently has me obsessed with eyebrows, bold and perfectly shaped eyebrows to be exact... As is, my eyebrows are naturally thin, sparse, and lack the je ne sais quoi that is Camilla Belle's eyebrows... For my wedding I had my makeup artist pencil in my eyebrows for a more dramatic feel and I loved the look. Since then, I've been too timid to try it myself... I think it's time for me to head over to the makeup counter and take a lesson...

Who knows? Perhaps it's not as difficult as I think it might be. Is there a beauty trick you've been dying to master?

images via Plush Palate


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I too swoon over her brows! I love them. I have very full brows myself and the key is to never get them waxed, just pluck out the strays and get a subtle arch going. I was taught that by an eye brow specialist here in Houston and it has never served me wrong! ;)

aliciajane said...

You should swing by a benefit counter, they have "brow experts" who do an amazing job at shaping and filling in brows.