Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Spaces a la' Skona Hem

This must be one of my favorite magazines, so many beautiful spaces! I would love to one day receive a subscription so that I can collect and basically horde all of these beautiful images to peruse through whenever I please. Until then, thank goodness for their website...and the translation feature on Google.

Images via Skona Hem


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Wow! I have never heard of this mag - but you are right - gorgeous spaces!!

PS. I heart google's translation feature!! It's SO helpful, especially on the Paris fashion week blogs!!

Mi Vida Bonita said...

You and me both, Skona Hem is a bigtime fav of mine. I do at least one post a week of their interiors! Love Love it

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog darling, and its lovely! Pretty spaces, I love all the crisp white in each room!

Katherine Lee said...

isn't skona hem the best? i only wish i could read swedish... they really have good design coursing through their veins. also, just to let you know, i recently added you as a banner link over at urban flea. i'd love for you to swing by sometime and let me know what you think! thanks so much for sharing, and i hope you're having a wonderful week my dear!

xo urban flea :)

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...


Gorgeous images is right!