Friday, April 30, 2010


Happy Friday lovelies!
Mango gets home tonight from a business trip to NYC, so I'm planning on surprising him with dinner and a relaxing bottle of wine. The rest of the weekend will be filled with a picnic and some much needed gardening. As it turns out, all of this Florida rain has made my flowers out front grow to the point that they actually need to be trimmed! I know! My black thumb has never gotten this far, I don't even know where my pruning shears are. I'm looking forward to planting this little gardenia bush my mom gave me last weekend. It's in a little pot that I've kept in the kitchen and yesterday a tiny gardenia flower sprouted! So I'm hoping by planting it in the yard it will start growing in all its gardenia glory.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Image via FGR


Eli said...

Love the smell of fresh gardenia's. My mom had a tree while we were growing up and I always recognize the smell. Enjoy your weekend