Thursday, April 29, 2010

What makes you smile?

The other day I came home with a big bunch of red tulips from my local florist. They were pretty and cheery, and made me smile every time I sat down in our family room. It's amazing how fresh flowers can make you smile, especially when they're tulips ;-)
What makes you smile?


ALL THAT I AM said...

I just came across your blog.
I just love it.
Well Flowers definitely top the list of things that can make you smile!

And the next on the list is music, and for me, Moon is the best thing you can lay your eyes on!

Good day!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog post! It totally captures what we talk about on Teleflora's FlowerBlog when we use our category 'What makes you smile'. :)

I just had to stop and say how much I enjoyed this!

C @ Project Pretty said...

Just bought some tulips.. I'm on the same page, girl. Smiling all day long. :)