Monday, August 16, 2010

The Art of Mocafico

When photos of Tamara Mellon's home were published by Harper's Bazaar and released into the blogosphere they certainly did not disappoint. Her home had all of the sleekness and excitement that you would expect from a woman who owns Jimmy Choo...let's pause for a moment to just think of the shoes shall we?

All of the spaces were interesting and fun, however the space that I couldn't stop staring at was this one...
Let's ignore the fact for now that the woman has McDonald's anywhere near that white sofa and focus on those snake photos behind her. I know that some people were a little wigged out by the photos and I actually am not a fan of snakes either (I don't trust things that crawl), however I thought those photos were in a word...Cool.

And then I saw it again in Elle Decor...
Here's a room that would be pretty all by itself, but the snake photo makes it awesome.

The brain behind these photos is the famous photographer Guido Mocafico, who's shot for international magazines and several advertising campaigns for big fashion houses like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. The man certainly has a eye for the unexpected and if your not into snakes, perhaps one of his other photo series would be right up your alley... Clocks SpidersThousand dollar bills ya'll!JellyfishRoses

If you can believe it, the series that gave me heeby jeebies were the spiders. I really don't like spiders. If there's anything that bothers me more than things that crawl, its thing with so many legs it needs to "coordinate" them. Eeek.
However, the clocks are my favorite. I have a thing for clocks to begin with, so that series would totally make me jump up with joy if it were displayed in my house.
What series would you choose?

Images via MBG, Elle Decor, and the Guido Mocafico website


Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

You are killing me! lol

I will grant the photos are cool. Great colours, all that, but they skeeve me out completely. I could not live with them.

Moonbeams and Kumquats said...

i love the over sized side table lamps in the first photo. it looks like a room for a giant and yet has the cozy factor.

i love the snakes.