Thursday, January 19, 2012

Me and the Sewing Machine are BFFs Now

After a few months of sitting in the corner my sewing machine was dusted off last night and turned on for the first time...and I am hooked!

Before last night I had never used a sewing machine, in fact I've always been afraid of it. The threading, that fast moving needle, and precise measurements, I found it all a bit intimidating. However watching enough episodes of Project Runway gave me the push I needed to finally buy my first sewing machine. It sat in the corner for a few months because I couldn't figure out where to start, but thanks to my resolution to jump start my projects I decided to power her up and give it a try. My husband watched me set-up and thread the machine like I was performing surgery, and even clapped when I finally got it right...such a trooper. 

I decided to start off with something small, so I began with this little tutorial of a drawstring bag...
It didn't turn out as finished as it looks in the tutorial, but I managed to end up with a pretty nice drawstring bag if I do say so myself! Now I have a whole bunch of sewing ideas floating around in my head. Pillows? Adding some trim on the office curtains? Create that box cushion for the bench at the foot of the bed?
The possibilities are endless.

On Pinterest I stumbled upon Pattern Runway, which sells  patterns for clothing like dresses and flowy blouses. I'm especially loving their dresses...
Aren't they pretty? I'd probably even try to use the same color and fabric for both dresses. You purchase the patterns on their Etsy shop for $9.50 and they send you the files as a PDF, and then you start sewing! I'm going to try making a few more basic things first before I tackle a dress, but these patterns are at the top of my list to try, especially the second one. 

Can you tell I'm excited?

First image via Pinterest