Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dining Al Fresco

Since moving into the new house I've become fixated on our outdoor area more than anything else at the moment. Perhaps it's because summer is here and the thought of spending my weekends watching my husband cook at the grill and while sitting outside watching the sun go down makes me smile.
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Over the weekend we had family over to break in the new grill my parents gave us as a house warming present (pretty sweet huh?!). When it came time to sit for dinner, everyone was scattered all over the house finding whatever chair and tabletop they could find since our little patio table with two chairs from our townhouse didn't fit everyone.
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Afterwards I started day dreaming of beautiful outdoor dining spaces. Tables covered in pretty glassware and colorful dishes, vases filled with flowers from the garden, and candles lighting up the evening.
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I started going through my Pinterest looking for ideas on seating. I really love the idea of a clean lined table surrounded by casual seating, perhaps even a mix of seating....
Living Outside
It's a work in progress, but this is what's spinning around in my head right now. I've already started bringing all the pieces together. In fact I've already put in a call to my parents to borrow their truck to go pick up the table this week. Hopefully with a few more items we'll have an outdoor dining area to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Table: Pottery Barn
Rattan Chair: Pier One
Folding Chair: IKEA
Rug: West Elm
Seat Cushion: Pier One
Umbrella: Pottery Barn
Lantern: IKEA
Coasters: Furbish
Oil Candles: Crate & Barrel


Kyle ( ) said...

This is such a cool outdoor area and i like the ideas you have for future re-decorating. An outdoor rug will add some comfortability to the area as well. I especially like the rug you have selected here as it ties in with the umbrella as well as the neutral tones of the wicker chairs. And when decorating an open outdoor area like this, a durable outdoor rug can tie everything together so that the exposed area still feels cozy and connected.

Kyle ( ) said...

I love your plans for this outdoor area. The blue in the rug you selected works really well with the umbrella and the neutral tones blend with the wicker chairs. When decorating for an open outdoor area such as this, a durable outdoor rug can tie the space together and make it still feel connected and cozy.