Monday, June 23, 2008

My Muse of the Week: Lotus Haus

My first "Muse of the Week" find is dedicated to Lotus Haus, a Seattle based blog authored by Joanna Dyckhoff. Her blog is a wonderful mix of creative inspiration, mainly focusing on design. She features interesting design concepts that are full of color, I love her GlobalFlora feature which showcases global weddings and special events.

Throughout her posts you will find amazing insights into different cultures and the wonderful design facets that they have created. Local artists are also featured, as well as unique shopping finds. Since a lot of my friends are currently either getting married or having baby, I really love looking at her features on bridal and baby shower design to make it fun and unique. Not only does she showcase her own work, but also features the work of other amazing designers. This is a great site that I could not wait to share, enjoy!