Monday, June 23, 2008

New Mangonett Weekly Feature!

Like most creatures, I am a creature of habit. Along with my morning hot chocolate, nothing starts my day better then checking up on my favorite blogs and I have a lot, check them out in the right column. When I started this blog, that column was small, however over the past couple of months it has grown. Mainly because as I peruse my favorites, they lead me to new and unexplored finds that eventually get added to my list.

Even more fun than finding these great sites, is sharing them, which is why I've decided to create Journey's of Mangonett's first weekly feature called "My Muse of the Week". Every week I will post about a blog, site, store, or any find that has inspired me. The reason why I'm not limiting it to any one thing, is because we all find inspiration from different places and the best part is when it comes from somewhere unexpected!