Monday, June 16, 2008

What's up Doc?

Today was a rather eventful day for Mango and I, it was the day of our annual physicals! Boo.

I know they are important in order to stay healthy and prevent any major health issues from happening, but I still consider them a necessary evil.

First it begins with the ever wonderful weigh in, where the nurse announces to the whole world how much you weigh...thanks. Then they bring you into the room where they tell you to strip and wear a gown that is open in the front, totally defeats the purpose of wearing something if you ask me. While I wait, I take the opportunity to catch up on my Marie Claire reading and try not to make too much noise while sitting on that crunchy paper. Finally the doctor comes in, which I'll admit, I like her, so I'm not completely scared. A couple of revealing questions later I am ready to go, however I was not completely done yet. First came the shot...I hate shots, always have, always will. The only reason why I don't make the nurse chase me around the room first is because I'm 24 and the room isn't big enough. Then came the blood work where I was poked 3 times in order to find a vein, joy. Finally came the urine test, this was not my favorite thing in the world.

Is it just me, or is it freakin' hard to pee in a cup as a girl? Guys can just aim right in, unfortunately it is not so easy for us females, and I inevitably get a sprinkle on my hand which causes me to shriek, "Eeeeeeeeww!" louder than I would like. The kicker was having to bring the cup across the hall and since I didn't want it anywhere near me, I held it out like an Olympic torch for all to see!

So that was my day... now to go home and have a nice dinner with Mango and compare battle scars.